Energy-Saving Trees

Plant an Energy-Saving Tree 

Want to plant the right tree in the right place to reduce home energy costs? Participating homeowners can expect savings on their utility bills that will increase as the tree grows, in addition to other tree-related benefits to both the homeowner and community.

In communities selected for the Energy-Saving Tree program, homeowners can order free trees and use a customized program to identify the planting locations on their property that will provide the greatest energy savings. Online mapping tools show where the shade of various tree species on an individual’s property will most effectively lower energy costs by cooling windows, walls, roofs, pavements, and air conditioning units.

Selected communities participate for a fixed time in either the spring or fall of the year in which they are selected. This is a Taking Root program in association with the Arbor Day Foundation’s national program. Taking Root will extend the program to additional communities each year if funds can be found and promote it throughout selected communities and on Taking Root’s Facebook page.  

See how trees were distributed in Middletown in 2018 in this 1-minute video by Paul Grundy


Energy-Saving Trees Impact

As of August 2019, 730 trees have been distributed with site-specific planting locations for reducing homeowner energy use and costs increasingly over the next twenty years and beyond. These trees were purchased with funds made available from the Duke Energy Foundation and distributed to homeowners with help from local communities, organizations and volunteers.

Taking Root kicked off this program in spring of 2018 in Arlington Heights, Lincoln Heights, Lockland, Reading and Woodlawn in Hamilton County. A second program round in fall of 2018 targeted Middletown and included some trees for Fairfield, both in Butler County. In spring of 2019, energy-saving trees were distributed in Covington and Newport neighborhoods in northern Kentucky.

The combined impact of these plantings over the next twenty years is indicated below. 

Trees properly placed around buildings can reduce air conditioning needs by 30% and can save 20–50% in energy used for heating. 

U.S. Forest Service

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