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Planting Trees Benefit the Community and the Canopy

Taking Root’s Tree for Me tool makes it easy to plan a tree planting event or simply choose the right tree for the right place on your property!

Tree for Me is Taking Root’s program that offers free 5 gallon, 5-6 foot tall trees to homeowners in target neighborhoods when funds are available. We select neighborhoods with low tree canopy relative to the region and with consideration to environmental justice principles. The trees offered are suitable for the neighborhood, usually with a selection of both smaller and larger trees to meet the needs of different sized yards. Native trees and trees that are not hosts to known and emerging invasive pest species are usually offered.

The Tree for Me program and tree benefit calculator was developed at OKI Regional Council of Governments and you can use it to determine the benefits of a common tree species in a particular site on any address in the OKI region. Annual benefits calculated in monetary savings include storm water intercepted, pollutants removed, and carbon dioxide sequestered and stored. More trees=more benefits.

When a community has an active Tree for Me program, residents use this tool to help select the right tree for the right place on their property. To use the Tree for Me tool in your community for a tree distribution contact Travis Miller.

Taking Root’s Tree Distribution Success — As Trees Grow, so Do Their Benefits

Since 2018, over 1500 trees have been distributed by Taking Root to home owners with funds made available by the Duke Energy Foundation. The first trees were distributed in conjunction with the Arbor Day Foundation’s Energy Saving Trees program, to the neighborhoods of Arlington Heights, Lincoln Heights, Lockland, Reading and Woodlawn in Hamilton County, followed by Middletown and Fairfield, Ohio and then Covington and Newport, Kentucky. Since then, trees also have been planted in the neighborhoods of Norwood, Camp Washington, Aurora and Lawrenceburg, Indiana, Avondale, Bond Hill, Roselawn, Walnut Hills, North Avondale, East Walnut Hills, and Florence, Kentucky, growing our regional canopy!

We are looking forward to distributing 350 trees to Tate and Goshen Townships  of Clermont County soon! Community partnerships and volunteers are critical to the success of the Tree for Me program. Thank you Duke Energy Foundation and all the participating communities.

Trees properly placed around buildings can reduce air conditioning needs by 30% and can save 20–50% in energy used for heating. 

U.S. Forest Service

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