December 16th Tree Canopy Professionals’ Seminar

Friday, December 16, 2021


This year’s seminar will be in person, so you can enjoy all of the presentations live with opportunity to engage with all of our presenters personally. The event will begin at 9AM with courtesy coffee a, break for lunch at 11:30AM and continue with educational sessions 12:30-4:30PM.

Keynote Presentation:

Trees and forests as nature-based climate solutions in the United States

We are very excited to have Grant Domke, US Forest Service as a keynote this year! Grant is is a research scientist and leads the Carbon Portfolio in the Forest Inventory and Analysis Program within the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service. Domke studies how carbon is cycled through forest ecosystems and harvested wood products in the U.S. using strategic-level forest inventory data and auxiliary information. He leads the team responsible for compiling estimates of greenhouse gas emissions and removals in forests, woodlands, and harvested wood products each year as part of the United States’ commitment to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Domke has also led chapters in the Fifth National Climate Assessment (currently underway), the Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change guidelines for national greenhouse gas inventories. Learn more about Domke’s work.


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