Lakota East High School Native Planting Project

Taking Root awarded Lakota East $1155 for the ecological endeavors. The project will provide needs for annual tree-planting initiatives in the school’s reforestation area. This is an on-going project that requires maintenance by counting and removing invasive species from the area in addition to planting new trees. Students are taught the value of native trees which include habitat provision, carbon sequestration, air filtering and reducing soil erosion. Students this year, counted over 3000 invasive Bradford Pear and honey suckle in the school’s reforestation area. Lakota East High School successfully removed close to 1000 invasive species and this mini grant project will allow them to remove more invasive species. To date, the mini grant recipients have planted over 60 trees in this area and hope to add 50 more this year. Students are able to witness first hand, the threat invasive species pose to the area. Last year, this project brought in 24 students and 4 community members who volunteered with our tree planting initiative. This year, we hope to have another strong turn out of volunteers

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