Taking Root in the CPS Outdoor Program

Taking Root is proud to be providing trees to enhance and provide canopy for the Green Umbrella | CPS Outdoor Classroom program. Taking Root’s mission is to inspire and empower everyone to conserve and improve our region’s unique and threatened tree canopy. That inspiration and empowerment is best accomplished when young people are engaged meaningfully and in memorable ways. During the planning phase of each project, Taking Root tree professionals provide educational resources and consultation services to students and faculty to ensure the outdoor classroom has the most appropriate canopy. The school community will be fully engaged in the selection and installation process, learning the valuable lessons needed to instill ongoing attitudes of tree canopy stewardship.

The trees will be selected and planted strategically to provide shade. Lessons about their provision for ecological services including ecosystem and wildlife habitat, air pollutant removal, reduction of urban heat island effect, stormwater control, and carbon sequestration will be integrated throughout the process. The trees will reduce hundreds of pounds of air pollutants, manage thousands of gallons of stormwater, and sequester thousands of pounds of carbon during their lifespans.

Program Components

1. Tree Selection Process:

The participating school will select from a wide range of tree species. Taking Root will provide information, images and descriptions of the trees available to the school. A customized interactive online tool will be provided to students and faculty to help determine the species most suitable for the location. Taking Root will provide consultation services to the project team, faculty and students as decisions are made and tree species are selected.

2. Tree Planting Event:

Taking Root will work with the project team to schedule a date with the students and faculty for the tree planting event. Taking Root-affiliated arborists and landscape architects will help facilitate the planting

activity. During the activity, information about each tree species will be discussed and instructions for planting will be covered. Questions are encouraged both at the event and afterward, as they arise. Taking Root is only a phone call away.

3. Ongoing Care:

Taking Root will also provide an instruction manual for the ongoing care required for each tree planted. This will include watering requirements and tips for what to expect in the coming seasons, and some tips on what not to do.

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